Yin Ling and Ernie picked up the campervan and collected us from Christchurch airport. We went back to where they had left their transit van to pick up a few more pots and pans for the trip, and then off we went.

(1) and (2) The van we hired         (3) and (4) Yin Ling & Ernie's van - looking good! They've done a lot of work since we last saw it. An amazing amount of stuff fits in here.
You're going to have to be patient with me. As stunningly beautiful as it is, after 2 weeks of lakes and rivers and mountains, I honestly cannot remember one from the other most of the time. These four shots illustrate the scenic beauty we spent our time in.
Our first camp site. Can you imagine any more beautiful place to camp?
The only problem was it was really cold. We briefly tried to eat dinner outside - but had to retreat to the van for warmth. I believe it was below zero this night.