We spent most of our time out in the countryside amongst the scenery - but we did make a stop in a few towns.

Arrowtown is a well preserved town of yesteryear. Go there
After a few days "in the wild" Yin Ling took pity on us and suggested that Mary and I have a breakfast in a nice cafe. We did - and felt much the better for it.

All our time in Invercargill was spent in Queens Park.
(1)(2)(4) The floral display was very nice. (3) Their fancy historic water tower.

Dunedin is a beautiful relatively small city. It seems to have everything - historical buildings, university, cathedral, scenery, gardens etc
(1)(2) Their railway station. At one time it was apparently the busiest in the country - now it hosts only tourist trains at certain times of the year.
(3)(4) Again, we spent several hours in their botanic gardens and probably saw only about a third of it.