We took over a thousand photos in the two weeks we were there. Have you ever tried to pick just 72 photos which are representative of a thousand or more?
This is just twelve shots showing various places and situations.

(1)(2)(3) How about these for sunsets?
(4) We visited a cave at this beach which is only accessible at low tide. After that the cave is completely filled. We got there with about 20mins to explore before we had to leave.

(1) This is the "Kea". A great looking parrot - but they literally chew the rubber off the windscreen wipers of your car!
(2) Milford Sound
(3) Several of the beaches and lakesides have fantastically colourful stones of very interesting shapes. We actually spent many hours collecting stones. - Gemstone Beach

(1) Moeraki Boulders
(2) We saw some fur seals below this lighthouse
(3) Some days were a bit cool - but the walks were always interesting.
(4) One night we actually camped beside this rocky mound - which is actually just 3 yards off the side of the main road - but ended up feeling very private.