Port Augusta to Coober Pedy.

A lot of emptiness but also a lot to see. The landscape is pretty sparse in most places, with dry salt lakes pretty common.

By this time we had seen lots of goats along with some Emus and a couple of camels. I think we might have also seen one live wallaby - but all the other kangaroos and wallabies were 'roadkill' by the dozens.

Plenty of road trains to pass, and a new experience for a couple of our drivers.

(1) Our overnight accommodation in the caravan park. These cabins were roomy and very comfortable.
(2) How about this rig for a mobile home! He even had a boat and 4 wheel drive on the back!

(3) The sign on the highway said "Big Tree" so we went to have look - it sure was big!

(1) Some of the Flora (Sturt's Desert Pea)
(2) Typical view along the road
(3) Coober Pedy
(4) Our underground hotel!

(1) Our underground room
(2) The town might not look very nice - but the sunrises are spectacular.
(3) This is an amazing place. Basically you dig a hole, and if you find no opals, you just move a little to the right or left and then dig another hole.....and on and on it goes.
(4) This was a place we just saw marked on the roadmap so we decided to have a look...and a few miles down a bumpy dirt road this is what we saw. Huge, expansive, alien, remote - so glad we stopped.