Not much to say about Alice Springs itself. Reasonable size town - hot with flies.
We had a look around town at a couple of art places. Really nice stuff, but very highly priced.

The real interest is the array of wonderful scenic attractions around the general area. We tried to fit in as much as we could, but we also wanted to spend some time in each place just relaxing and soaking it all in.

(1) The Town
(2) to (4) Simpson's Gap. Beautiful. Great seeing the rock wallabies. We spent quite some time here watching the birds and wallabies ....talking to a tourist from switzerland.

Ormiston Gorge - Located 135km west of Alice Springs in the Tjoritja / West MacDonnell National Park.

It was about 37deg in the sun, but the water was absolutely freezing (by all accounts!). No way was I going to test that out - left that to the younger members of our group.

(1) (2) I think we must have spent at least 2 hours here just enjoying the scenery and birds.
(4) 110km west of Alice Springs is the Ochre Pits, a colourful outcrop of ochre on the banks of a sandy creek. (3) (4) Some of the wildlife.